We know you are highly selective when it comes to quality and extravagance. With the signature of Wibit Sports, the world’s leading floating water park brand and creator of Looft, you can rest assured that unrivaled expertise, uncompromised safety and quality and the best user experience are incorporated into every single, carefully developed Looft product. Our name is on it.


Wibit has been supplying proof for more than 24 years. Since day one, our passion has been driven by game-changing innovation and excellence.

Romann Rademacher & Robert Cirjak 

CEO & Founder

Kontur Technology

Our flagship product the Lounger is what started it all. After looking for a smooth, curved, rounded form we discovered that no such shape existed. So, we decided to create it ourselves.  Cutting-edge technology enabled this super strong and yet light material to be curved in a way that met our expectations. A “slicing technique” allows us to create what we call the “bending effect”. It took us countless hours of experimentation and fiddling until we found the perfect arc yielding optimal comfort with efficiency. We call this… Kontur Technology

Lounging reinvented

Our design DNA and team of engineers have set the benchmark in innovation and efficiency, characteristics that have gone into each and every Looft product. Creating the ultimate way to float Looft’s innovative strength and inspiration lies primarily in its willingness to step off the beaten path and dare to venture into the new. Unprecedented geometrical contours, emphasized by truly distinctive contrasting colorful borders, visually frame the Looft products and give them an elegant aesthetic fit.

Our uniqueness is our uniqueness.

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